‘I can’t do porno EVERY single time’: The Last Resort couples act out their sex lives with bizarre lookalike puppets as one couple reveals they ALWAYS fist bump after sex

Sarah said: ‘I just had no idea they were that kinky, looking at them you wouldn’t think that they would be into that.’ She went on to explain she never thought that Lisa was the type of woman to watch porn: ‘She just doesn’t strike me as that sort of … Continue Reading

Is YOUR sex life living up to kinky millennial standards? Expert reveals what young couples are getting up to in bed (and it involves blindfolds, bondage and BITING)

‘Kinky’ sex is more popular than it’s ever been, judging by the results of a survey of 4,500 people world wide. The survey by Lovehoney looked at the sexual habits of men and women to find out what their favourite bedtime activities were. Spanking, biting … Continue Reading